VIP Poker Coach Package

Are you a poker player looking for advanced poker training? At Elite Poker Coaching, we have the coaches and resources that will help you see winning results. Our VIP poker coach package is a great investment in your poker career.

The VIP poker package is a monthly payment of $149 which includes an Elite membership. The package will automatically renew every month. You are free to cancel anytime.

As a VIP poker packager holder, you will have access to a library of helpful videos. The video library is divided into different poker categories: theory, MTT reviews, cash games, seminar, live play, and mindset. The poker coaches are featured in the videos, and you can watch their live seminar videos. The videos target specific poker skills, including information on triple barrel bluffs and how to make them. The poker videos are perfect resources for a visual learner and anyone who wants step-by-step advice. The video library gives you a competitive edge because they are only available to Elite members.

You will also receive special access to our comprehensive poker charts.

As a VIP poker coach package member, you will be admitted into the Discord community, which is an instant-messaging platform. In the Discord community, you can send videos, images, and messages to other members in the gaming community. You will also be able to audio chat with anyone in the Discord group. It is convenient to be in a poker Discord community because it will allow you to connect with other players who you can use as helpful resources.

Our advanced poker trainers will give you individual attention to make sure that you succeed. We guarantee impressive results and winnings.

Your VIP poker coach package will process within 48 hours of the time of your purchase. You will receive an email once your order has been confirmed. Please contact our Discord support with any questions regarding our advanced poker training. We want to help you win and succeed.